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    Company Summary and Address updates

    Connectworks allows you easily update the Company summary information and company addresses directly to Companies Office. 

    To update the company information, your Realme login must be linked to Connectworks. 

    Linking to Companies Office

    Before making a change at Companies Office, you will need to ensure that the company along with your own account is linked to companies office. 

    Connecting to RealMe

    To enable filing annual returns from within Connectworks you must first link your Connectworks account to the Companies Office using the RealMe login which has authority to file on behalf of your clients. Your RealMe connection then remains active for 6 months.

    If you encounter an error warning during the final stage of filing you will need to connect (or in some cases disconnect, then reconnect) your RealMe login. 

    For more information on getting set up at the Companies Office and RealMe please see: Companies Office and RealMe

    How to connect to RealMe

    1. In your personal workspace select the “Manage your profile” dropdown.

    2. Select NZ Companies Office connection
    If you are already connected but are encountering issues filing, select “Disconnect from the Companies Office” and then reconnect.

    3. Select Connect to Companies Office - a pop-up window should appear.

    If this window does not appear your browser is likely blocking pop-ups. In this event navigate to the web address bar in your browser - to the right of the web address there will be a small red icon - select this, and then choose “Always allow pop-ups and redirects from https://goconnectworks.com”. Then refresh your page and reselect the “Connect to the Companies Office” button.

    4. When pop-ups are enabled you will be redirected to a Companies Office RealMe login screen. Log in with your RealMe username and password (must be the RealMe account which has authority to file Annual Returns at your firm).

    5. Approve the User Consent request - you are now ready to begin filing Annual Returns from within Connectworks.


    Update Company Information

    There are several ways to access the "edit Companies Office' button to make the necessary changes

    1. Navigate to your firm's Clients tab. Select the client, click on the 3 dots and 'edit Companies Office'.

    2. Navigate to the company's workspace, select 'Edit Companies Office'  

    Company Information

    The following Company information can be updated in the Details tab.

    Please note: The information at Companies will update to Companies Office when you select save.

    • Annual Return Filing month
    • Email (this is the communication email address, typically a generic firm email address)
    • Phone number
    • Mobile number
    • Fax number
    • Company addresses

    Company Addresses

    If your firm has moved address, changed company name or needs to update a large number of company addresses please contact support@connectworks.com and we'll guide you through the bulk update process.

    To update the Company address information, scroll down to addresses in 'edit Companies Office' and select 'change address' of the address to update.

    Existing Addresses 

    Click on the drop-down of 'use existing address', this is where all the company addresses are listed.  

    All the current addresses for the Company will appear. If the correct address appears in the list, select the address, select the effective date and any other addresses to update as required. Click 'change address' to update the addresses at Companies Office.

    New Address

    Type in the appropriate information into the address fields, select the effective date, and the other addresses you would like to update. Click 'change address' to update the addresses at Companies Office.

    Note: To reflect the updated information in Connectworks, In Clients, Companies select the company, scroll down to Incorporation and registration. Click refresh and this will update Connectworks with the latest address information.

    See more Companies Office integrations with Director Updates and Shareholder Updates. For clients that have APS or XPM, With Connectworks, you can link and sync the updates between your practice management system to Connectworks and vice-versa. 

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