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    How to complete a company profile after APS import


    This method of setting up companies, while possible, is not recommended. This is because companies imported from APS will not be linked to the Companies Office which will result in additional manual work such as updating the share register and connecting to the Companies Office. 

    This will result in additional manual work such as updating the share register and connecting to the Companies Office. Instead, we recommend setting up companies by manual loading or bulk import, then linking the company to APS, as per How to connect existing clients in Connectworks.

    Below we will explain the typical areas which need updating if you decide to proceed with an APS import.

    Connect to the Companies Office

    Companies imported from APS are not linked to the Companies Office. To enable this connection for filing annual returns and performing registered address updates, edit the company profile and connect it to the Office via the Incorporation tab in the edit form.

    Update the share register

    When a company is imported from APS no share register is created. To update the share register please see our articles here: Share register management.

    Update the main dashboard

    To update the information which shows on the company Workspace page, click Edit company profile in the top right of the trusts main dashboard. This is where you can complete details such as:

    • Legal name
    • Trading name (if different)
    • Type of company (limited - small, limited - large, LTC, unlimited, qualifying company, co-operative, overseas, other, partnership) 
    • Company number
    • NZBN
    • Country of incorporation
    • Incorporation date
    • Link to the Companies Office
    • Signing policy
    • and much more....

    See more information in our article How to Edit Company Profiles

    Connect shareholder companies

    If you plan to use Connectworks for digital document distribution & signing, connect the shareholder companies to the true version of the company, as explained here: How to Remove Duplicate Companies in your Contacts List.

    Upload historical documents

    Document management in Connectworks is covered extensively in our training module Document Management - The Basics (session 1) - we recommend all users watch this 25min video and download the associated workbook.

    A written article is also available here: Storing & accessing documents.

    Merge contacts

    It is likely that duplicate contacts have been created by the APS import. To quickly locate and merge these profiles see follow the instructions in our article Monthly Merge Check for Firm Administrators. We recommend completing this step after all-new entity profiles have been imported.

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