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    Upgrade or Downgrade a Contact to an Individual

    A contact is a person associated with any entity you manage in Connectworks (eg. a trustee, beneficiary, director or shareholder). The people in your contacts list are not necessarily your firm's clients. Contacts can have identity information and documents loaded against them and are included in the AML workflow of their associated entity for performing client due diligence.

    An individual subscription is a person who is a client of your firm in an individual capacity (eg. A sole trader). Individual subscriptions are $5 per person, per annum.  If the person already has a contact profile you can upgrade the profile to an individual subscription any time.

    This article will guide you through the process of changing a contact profile to an individual subscription. This can be done to conduct AML on the client or to engage with the client through Connectworks in their individual capacity, instead of as a related association of an entity.

    For help conduction CDD on an individual, please see Client Due Diligence in Connectworks.

    Upgrading a contact profile to an individual subscription

    To upgrade a contact profile to an individual subscription:

    1. Navigate toClients>Contacts.

    2. Search for the person you would like to upgrade.

    3. Hover over the client in the list and select Subscription.

    4. Select the Standard $5 subscription type. 

    The Client profile will move to the Clients>Individuals section of the product and will now have a dedicated workspace for you to store and distribute documents. They can now also be invited into Connectworks if desired. See more here

    Downgrading an individual subscription to a contact profile 

    It's the same process in reverse to downgrade a contact profile to an individual subscription:

    1. Navigate to Clients>Contacts.

    2. Expand the filtering in the left column and select both Individual and Client filters, then search for the person you would like to downgrade.

    3. Place a tick next to the person's name and click on the "..." menu in the slide-out.

    4. Select Make contact

    The Client profile will now move to the Clients>Contacts section of the product.

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