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    High Level Staff Access Policies

    There are two high-level staff access policies, Firm access policies and Client access policies, within the Admin>Settings tab of your firm profile. These settings will affect what all staff in your firm can see and do in Connectworks.

    Firm access policy

    The firm access policy determines which clients are accessible to client managers and partners, and subsequently their assistants too.

    Connectworks Default Firm Access Policy Settings

    By default, Partners can only access their own clients. Partners clients are assigned to them using the partner tag in the firm's clients list.

    Client managers can access all clients without an assigned manager, as well as the clients assigned to them using the manager tag in the client's list. 

    See more on assigning partner & manager tags

    The below article describes the process for assigning staff from your firm as the Manager or Partner responsible for the oversight of a particular client. 

    Using the Partner and Manager tags enables you to view your client list/s by the partner or manager responsible for them, as well as restrict access so that staff can only see the clients relevant to them.

    For information on the permissions and capabilities associated with the Manager and Partner user roles, read our article here.

    How to assign a manager/partner 

    You can make these updates individually or in bulk. 

    To change the partner or manager associated with an individual entity:

    1. Select the tick box of the entity in the Clients tab and then select either Assign or Change in the Client Administration section of the slide-out


    2. Alternatively, these details can be updated in the Edit profile>Client administration tab.

    Update in bulk by selecting the tick box for all entities to have the same manager/partner assigned, then update them simultaneously using the "..." menu in the top right of the slide-out.

    Changing the firm access policies

    Only staff assigned as firm administrators can edit the default settings to further allow or restrict access rights. There are five access policy options to select from, and these can be set differently for partners and client managers. The options are:

    Partner (or Client Manager) can...
    1. access all clients
    2. access all un-managed clients
    3. access all clients in same business unit(s)*
    4. access unassigned clients in same business unit(s)*
    5. access only own clients

    Business units are optional and can be used to organise both staff and clients into groups within your firm. Commonly used for different office locations, or assigning clients to teams. Learn more about business units here.

    Client access policies  

    The firm's client access policies determine whether staff can manage client relationships (for example appointing a new company director, or appointing a new trustee), whether they can upload and access client documents, and which staff can access confidential client documents. 

    Changing the client access policies
    The ability for partners, client managers or assistants to view/edit any of the below options can be turned on or off by firm administrators within the Admin>Settings tab.


    Connectworks Default Client Access Policy Settings

    Manage Client Relationships: 

    • Partners can edit 
    • Client Managers can edit
    • Assistants cannot edit

    This configuration allows both partners and client managers to edit and add parties to Associated Parties (in trusts) and People & Employees (in companies). Assistants have read-only access.

    Manage clients' documents: 

    • Partners can edit 
    • Client Managers can edit
    • Assistants can edit

    This configuration allows any staff member to add new documents and edit existing documents for the trusts and companies they have access to. The exception is confidential documents.

    Confidential client documents:

    • Partners can view
    • Client Managers can view
    • Assistants cannot view

    This configuration allows Partners and client managers to view and edit confidential documents. Assistants cannot view or edit.

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