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    Using Connectworks Workflows (Checklists)

    Connectworks workflows (sometimes called checklists) provide guidance to help firms meet their obligations for a variety of tasks they're required to perform (for example appointing a new director or trustee). Our workflows also provide references to locate the necessary precedents available in Connectworks to quickly generate the necessary documentation for the task. 

    Accessing workflows

    Workflows can be accessed in two ways:

    1. Via an entity's document repository, using the "I would like to..." then download a precedent and filtering your search by the workflow category.

    2.  Via your firm's Admin>Precedents tab: first select between Company or Trust documents, then select the Workflow category.

    Company Workflows

    Trust Workflows

    Accounting Records (s195) 

    Adopt Constitution (s32) 

    Alter Constitution (s32)

    Appointment of Alternate Director

    Amalgamation (s222)(Short Form) 

    Annual Shareholder Meeting (s120) 

    Appointment of Director (s153) 

    Authorise a Dividend (s53) 

    Board Meeting (Schedule 3) 

    Bonus Shares (s48)

    Call on Shares (s100) 

    Change of Registered Office 

    Change Name (s23) 

    Company Records (s189) 

    Consolidate Shares (s48) 

    ConsolidateConstitution (s33) 

    Credit Shares (s47) 

    Death of Director (s159) 

    Director Remuneration (s161) 

    Dividends (Section 107 Companies Act 1993)

    Elect Look-Through Company Status (HB13) 

    Incorporate Company (s12)

    Issue of Shares s107(2) Issue of Shares

    Issue of Shares (Section 42 Companies Act 1993)

    Issue of Shares (Section 44 Companies Act 1993)

    Liquidation (by Shareholders) (s241) 

    Major Transaction (s129) Section 129 Companies Act 1993

    Objection to Removal from Register (s321)

    Objection to Restoration of Company (s328) 

    Opt In (s207K)

    Opt Out (Large Company) (s207J) 

    Opt Out (s207I) 

    Redemption of Shares (s69(1)(a)) Redemption of shares at the option of the Company

    Redemption of Shares (s74)
    Redemption of shares at the option of the shareholder

    Redemption of Shares (s75)
    Redemption of shares on a specified date

    Repurchase of Shares Repurchase of Shares (non listed company)

    Removal from Register (s317) 

    Removal of Director (s156) 

    Remove Alternate Director 

    Resignation of Director (s157) 

    Restore to Register (s330) 

    Revoke Constitution (s32) 

    Share Register (s87) 

    Special Shareholder Meeting (s121) 

    Subdivide Shares (Share Split) (s48) 

    Transfer Shares (s84) 

    Transmission Shares (s93)

    Annual review 

    Appointment of appointor

    Appointment of beneficiary

    Appointment of trustee

    Changing name of trust

    Death of a trustee

    Distribution to beneficiary

    Removal of beneficiary

    Resettlement of trust

    Retirement and appointment of trustee

    Retirement of trustee

    Settlement of trust

    Trust deed review

    Variation of trust deed

    Winding up of trust

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