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    Signing Documents

    This article outlines the process of signing documents that are part of a document pack. Documents can be signed individually or also in bulk.
    If you have not already created a Connectworks account please refer to our support article located here.


    1. Bulk Signing

    2. Signing under different roles

    3. Rejecting Documents

    4. After signing documents

    Bulk Signing

    In order to bulk sign documents in a document pack, you need to click on the "Sign All" button located on the Overview page.

    You can click on and review any documents you've been asked to sign in the slide-out window. Once all documents have been reviewed, you will see the "Approve and sign" button available for selection in the top right corner of the window. 

    You will be asked to agree to the declaration/s, select a signature option and will be required to enter your Connectworks password to complete the signing process. 

    Signing under different roles

    When signing documents individually, you will be able to see in which capacity/entity they are to be signed for (Director, Trustee, Shareholder etc).

    Individual documents sent are listed down the left side of the slide-out window. 

    In the examples below, our test user Barbara Jones is signing in two different capacities.

    Example 1- shows that Barbara is signing in her capacity Director of Jones Trading Limited:

    Example 2 - shows that Barbara is signing as a Trustee of the Jones Family Trust:

    With document packs, you are also able to sign a single document under multiple different roles at once.

    (E.g. when a person is signing as a shareholder in a company both in their own name, and as a trustee of a trust that owns shares in the same company). 

    The different roles that a person is signing under are stated in the signing declaration and each role will be represented by its own unique signature in the signed document. 

    Rejecting Documents

    If a document needs to be rejected, you will be able to do so.

    Please note that rejecting a document will reject it for all recipients and the reason for rejection will be emailed to the publisher of the document pack. 

    After signing documents

    Documents can be downloaded from within the document pack and from the front page of your personal Connectworks dashboard.

    Unsigned documents are able to be downloaded at any time, however the signed copy will only be available once all parties have completed the signing process.

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