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    2. Adding identity evidence and making a determination

    Under the AML-CFT Act there are three key identity verification requirements:

    • Record identity information

    • Verify identity information

    • Verify the individual matches the identity information provided

    To perform identity verifications, you first need to upload identity information & evidence against the individuals involved.

    Although this information can be captured in a variety of places within Connectworks, the best place to enter the information is your firm's contacts list. To do this:

    1. Navigate to your firm's Clients>Contacts list.

    2. Within the search bar type the name of the contact you wish to record identity information against.


    If searching your contacts list shows multiple copies of the same person you must merge all duplicate contacts before proceeding with the next steps.

    3. When a single copy of the individual appears in your Client>Contacts list place a tick next to the contact, click on the edit button.

    4. Navigate to the Identity information tab of the Update contact form. Click the Start Adding Evidence button and then select the type of evidence you are recording. 

    After collecting a piece of evidence you may choose to continue adding further forms of identity information by selecting Add evidence.

    5. You can also use Centrix SmartID to verify the identity information you have provided.

    Centrix runs a search based on the information provided, across government, banking and other databases to verify that the details are accurate and up-to-date. Along with that, Centrix also does an international Politically Exposed Person (PEP) and Sanctions check using the Thompson Reuters Worldcheck database. 

    In addition to the annual client subscription, the Centrix SmartID checks are charged per check, at a cost of:

    SmartID with Driver Licence             $5.00

    SmartID with Passport                      $6.00

    *Prices exclude GST
    **ID checks on non-New Zealand nationals are not yet available.

    6. Once you are satisfied with the evidence collected you can make a final determination that the individual's identity has been verified. To do this simply select Make a determination. Then using the identity evidence collected complete the name, date of birth and address fields below. The fields will pre-populate based on the evidence collected. If you are satisfied the identity information showing is correct select Confirm Identity.

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