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    AML Workflow Video

    0:00 Overview

    1:00 Import a new company

    2:30 Add another party to the entity

    3:30 The AML workflow

    3:45 Using filtering 

    4:20 Begin the CDD workflow for a client

    4:51 Nature of business relationship

    6:12 Client information

    6:40 CDD candidates

    7:30 Perform CDD

    7:58 Collect & verify identity information

    9:39 Electronic ID verification (Centrix)

    12:20 Make a determination

    13:00 Re-use a prior determination

    14:05 Centrix Smart ID Certificate

    17:10 PEP & Source of Funds

    17:30 Beneficial ownership

    18:10 Source of funds

    19:00 Risk assessment

    20:20 First review

    21:50 Second review

    23:30 Reporting

    24:55 Reasons for using Centrix

    27:05 Summary

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