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    Companies Overview Video

    Companies overview

    An introduction to all company governance functionality including: basic navigation, companies office connection, setting up a company, storing and generating documents, filing annual returns and more.

    0:00 Overview

    1:28 Personal dashboard

    1:51 Connect RealMe (NZ Companies Office connection)

    2:20 The firm dashboard

    2:45 Reminders calendar

    3:09 Client tasks calendar

    3:30 Recent activity

    3:42 Firm admin tab (staff, business units, precedents, clauses, add-ons)

    5:19 Clients tab overview

    5:46 Using filters

    6:10 Contacts tab overview

    7:00 Sync a contact with XPM

    7:50 Import a company from the Companies Office

    8:40 Subscription plans

    11:27 Company workspace overview

    12:35 Storing documents

    13:44 Using a workflow

    14:50 Generate a document from a precedent

    16:34 Interests registers

    17:50 Share register

    20:14 Tools tab (risks and assets register)

    21:49 Admin tab

    23:30 Document signing

    25:41 Branded client portal

    29:10 Annual return workflow overview

    34:10 AML compliance workflow overview

    Upcoming enhancements 

    38:10 Companies Office integration

    41:14 Document packs

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