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    5. Client advises of address changes: Workflow step 3 - Review Response

    When a client responds to the annual return verification advising that there have been address changes, the company will be placed in workflow step “3 -review response”.

    Changes have to be manually applied before filing the return. Director and company addresses can be simultaneously updated at the Companies Office via Connectworks during this process.

    However, at present Connectworks cannot update shareholder addresses with the Companies Office. When a client advises of shareholder address changes these updates must be made at the Companies Office directly.

    The ability to make shareholder updates via Connectworks is on our roadmap so if you would like to stay informed about new features subscribe to our monthly newsletter.

    How to review client responses & update the Companies Office & client profiles 

    1. Filter the Annual Returns workflow in the left column by selecting:

    • Files return
    • This month
    • Review response

    Now all the companies in the list will appear showing the workflow step "3 - Review Response" (pictured below).

    You need to work through each company individually, review each client response, update the address information and then file the return. To do this:

    2. Click into the Company Workspace (by clicking on the name of the company in the list). The annual return workflow will now appear as a slide-out on the right-hand side of the company workspace.

    3. Select “Gather changes from client” and then select the “Companies Office Extract (responses)” document which appears at the bottom of the workflow. You will be redirected to review the client's responses in another web page.

    4. Update the addresses information in the Connectworks profile;

    • Directors & Shareholders addresses: within the company workspace select the “Admin” tab to locate the person whose information is to be updated, select "edit" by their name and then update the necessary information. 
    • Registered Office, Address for Service and other company-specific address: select "edit company profile" in the top right of the company's main dashboard and update the contact details here.

      Please note: this step does not update the Companies Office, but will update the contacts profile in every entity they are associated with. You'll get the option of rejecting address changes within other entities the profile is linked to if the new address does not apply to the individual in other entities. Updating addresses at the Companies Office is completed during the next stage of filing detailed below.

    If there are multiple versions of the same person showing in the company's admin tab you need to merge these into one profile. Please see our article on Merging duplicate contacts
    It is a good idea at this stage to also update your Practice Management system at this time to reflect the updated client details. 

    5. Return to the company workspace and select “File annual return” in the top right.

    6. Update the company and/or director address with the Companies Office by selecting the "Modify" button next to the relevant address field.  As soon as you select the Save button in the subsequent modify form, the companies office will be updated in under 60 seconds, and you will be returned to the main Annual Return Filing form.

    7. Complete the declarations, select your firm name in the direct debit drop-down, and then select "file return". 


    The direct debit filing fee should always be charged to your firm. If this option is not available to select please check you have connected the RealMe login which has authority to file for these companies, and have also enabled the direct debit authority for this account with the Companies Office. See more here: Setting up your profile to enable Annual Return filing.


    Next step:

    Non responsive clients: Resending annual return verification extract

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