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    Company not showing in Annual Return Workflow

    If there are companies you know your firm has an obligation to file Annual Returns for which are not appearing in the Annual Return Workflow it will be because:

    1. The filing obligation has not been set correctly for the company. To resolve this:
      Please review our article for more details on updating your filing obligations. Filing obligations can be updated in bulk by selecting all entities with the same filing obligation in the Clients>Companies list and then updating using the cogs dropdown. 

    2. The company has not been loaded in the firm profile.  To resolve this:
      Import the company into your firm profile AND ensure you update your registered office & filing obligations.

    3. Your access to the company profile might be restricted due to your staff access rights or an assigned business unit. To resolve this:
      Speak to a Connectworks administrator at your firm and ask to have your access rights upgraded, or to be added to the required business unit (you can check who has admin rights in the firm Admin tab).

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