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    Paying for Annual Return Filing Fees

    Users of Connectworks receive a discount on the annual return filing fee charged by the New Zealand Companies Office (NZCO) for all returns filed via our NZCO API connection. The standard fee for filing annual returns is $52.20 incl. GST, but if you file via Connectworks the fee will be just $48.75 incl. GST.

    To be able to e-file through Connectworks, you need to have a valid RealMe login, be registered with NZCO as an authorised agent for the company, and have a direct debit authority enabled on all RealMe account that will be used for filing.

    NZCO will then continue to invoice you directly, as per their standard processes, for any returns filed via Connectworks. If you have completed the "Client Reference / Matter Number" field for each client in Connectworks, this will be displayed on the invoice from the Companies Office.

    Ensure you have a Direct Debit activated with the Companies Office

    When you file a return in Connectworks, the Companies Office will charge you directly for the filing fee (at the discounted Connectworks rate). At present this payment must be made by direct debit, so in order to file you must ensure you have enabled the Direct Debit authority at Companies Office:

    1. Login to Companies Office.

    2. Click on the Manage and maintain dropdown on your dashboard and select Account settings.

    3. Select Direct Debit Details, fill out the details and click save. 

    It will say it's confirmed right away, but usually takes overnight to process.

    4. Select Manage your user account details (if you are filing on behalf of the firm) 


    Select Your payment details (if you are linking under your own capacity).

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