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    Correcting a trustee or beneficiary appointment date

    By default Connectworks locks trustee and beneficiary appointment dates so they cannot be changed accidentally. To resolve an incorrect appointment date you will need to un-assign and then reassign the the role. 

    To do this:

    1. Locate the trustee/beneficiary in the trust profile Parties tab.

    2. Click the Edit button to the right of the name appearing in the list, and then navigate to the Roles tab of the Update association form.

    3. Select the tick box to remove as a trustee/beneficiary and then the tick box I made a mistake, remove from history and then select "update".

    4. Then select the Record as a trustee/beneficiary tick box and re-appoint the role/s with the correct date, then select update & close.

    Note - Deleting a party added in error

    If the person has been assigned to the wrong role (rather than retired from a position), simply click into the edit profile screen and select the “I made a mistake, remove from history” option, then select Update and close.

    After removing the assigned role, if the party has no association to the trust you may delete the profile completely from the trust. This can be done using the "...drop down menu on the main list. Only parties displaying No assigned role can be deleted.

    To maintain an accurate record of the trust, parties with historical associations should not be deleted in this manner.

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