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    Delete an associated party added in error

    This article explains how to remove either a beneficiary or trustee from the trust record. 

    This action will delete the association from the trust completely and should only be used for associations which have been entered in error.

    Historical associations should be retired and have their access removed, but should remain recorded in the trust's profile to maintain an accurate record of the trust. To leave the historical association on the trust as a record please see our article Retiring a trustee or beneficiary.


    Remove active roles

    Associated parties assigned with active roles in a trust cannot be deleted. Their roles must first be unassigned before the profiles can be removed. To do this:

    1. Enter the trust's workspace and click on the Parties tab

    2. Select the Edit button to the right of the person/entity you want to remove.

    3. In the edit form select the Roles tab on the left-hand side.

    4. Place a tick on Remove as Trustee/Beneficiary, and then place tick on I made a mistake, remove from history.

    5. Click "Update and Close".   

    Delete association

    After removing the roles you will be returned to the main Associated Parties page, where you will now be able to delete the association from the trust profile. To do this:

    1. Tick the box next to the person.

    2. Click on the "..." drop-down menu in the top right corner of the slide-out panel and select delete.

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