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    Managing a trust ledger (Video)


    • 0:00min Basic overview 
    •  2:00min Acquire an asset by settlement 
    •  4:20min Acquire an asset by gifting  
    •  5:14min Editing a ledger record 
    •  5:35min Acquire an asset by purchase 
    •  6:48min Revalue an asset 
    •  7:20min Asset disposal (& partial disposal) 
    •  8:22min Editing transactions 
    •  8:34min View by date range or filters 
    •  9:31min The suspense account  
    •  9:48min Make a distribution 
    •  11:02min Add to an asset 
    •  11:48min Record income 
    •  12:55min Receive money 
    •  13:40min Reporting 
    •  14:17min Summary 

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