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    Filing annual returns as company directors & non-professional administrators

    Company directors and administrators who have been invited to collaborate in Connectworks on the Unlimited subscription plan can file annual returns through their entity workspace, with a reduced annual return filing fee of $47.60 incl. GST.

    To enable annual return filing the authorised individual must first connect their RealMe account to their Connectworks profile. They must also log in at the Companies Office and enable a direct debit authority on their RealMe account. The filing fee is still charged to the nominated account by the Companies Office but at the discounted Connectworks rate.

    Step 1: Connect your RealMe account

    1. In your personal workspace select the “Manage your profile” dropdown.

    2. Select “NZ Companies Office connection”.
    If you are already connected but are encountering issues filing, select “Disconnect from the Companies Office” and then reconnect.

    3. Select “Connect to Companies Office” - a pop-up window should appear.
    If this window does not appear your browser is likely blocking pop-ups. In this event navigate to the web address bar in your browser - to the right of the web address there will be a small red icon - select this, and then choose “Always allow pop-ups and redirects from https://goconnectworks.com”. Then refresh your page and reselect the “Connect to the Companies Office” button.

    4. When pop-ups are enabled you will be redirected to a Companies Office RealMe login screen. Log in with your RealMe username and password (must be the RealMe account which has authority to file Annual Returns at your firm).

    5. Approve the “User Consent” request - you are now ready to begin filing Annual Returns from within Connectworks. To complete the filing process you will need to ensure you have also activated a direct debit authority on your RealMe account, as detailed below.

    Step 2: Enable a Direct Debit with the Companies Office

    When you file a return in Connectworks, the Companies Office will charge you directly for the filing fee (at the discounted Connectworks rate). At present this payment must be made by direct debit, so in order to file you must ensure you have enabled the Direct Debit authority at Companies Office:

    1. Login to Companies Office.
    2. Click on the Manage and maintain dropdown on your dashboard and select Account settings.
    3. Select Direct Debit Details, fill out the details and click save.
    It will say it's confirmed right away, but usually takes overnight to process.

    4. Select Manage your user account details (if you are filing on behalf of the firm)
    Select Your payment details (if you are linking under your own capacity)

    Step 3: File annual return

    Enter the company workspace via the link in the right-hand column of your personal dashboard.

    Click on the File annual return button in the top right corner of your dashboard.
    *If this button does not appear, your RealMe login is not connected to your account. Return to step one and connect your RealMe.

    In the subsequent form, complete the declaration and file the return.

    If there have been changes to the company's registered addresses or directors address these can be updated by clicking the Modify buttons throughout the summary section of the form below the declarations. 

    Completing the address update forms will update the Companies Office as soon as you select the Save button. The "effective from" date must be at least 7 working days in the future, and the Companies Office will apply for a "pending update" status before the new address takes effect.

    Step 4: Check filing is successful

    After you have filed the return refresh the page on your company workspace, and you will see the "Filing Status" section on the main dashboard update with Success (date) or Failure (date).

    If your filing has resulted in a failure, there will be further details of the cause of this noted in the Recent activity section in the bottom right corner. Review these notes and amend the issue, then try filing again. 

    The most common causes of failed filing attempts are:

    • Direct debit not enabled with the Companies Office
    • The RealMe account the user is logged in with does not have authority to file for the company. 

    Step 5: Administrators - update Connectworks profile

    Completing the prior steps only updates the Companies Office, but does not update the Connectworks profile.

    If you have administrator-level access to the company profile you will be able to see an Edit company profile button above the File annual return button in the top right corner. Just click this and update any addresses that have changed for the company or its associated parties.

    If you cannot see the Edit company profile button you do not have administrator access to make these changes. Either email your professional advisor to request an access level upgrade, or to advise them of your company's address changes.

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