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    Connecting the XPM Add-on (Xero Practice Manager / WorkflowMax)

    Access rights to connect Add-ons

    You need to have Firm Administrator access within Connectworks to make changes to firm Settings and Add-ons. This access needs to be enabled by your firm administrator/s. 

    Xero Practice Manager set-up

    Before you begin to add XPM/WorkflowMax into Connectworks ensure that you have logged into XPM (NB. Ensure pop-ups are not blocked in your browser).

    Xero Practice Manager login

    1. Once you have logged into XPM/WorkflowMax, log into Connectworks and navigate to your firm admin tab.

    2. Select Add-ons from the top menu.

    3. Click Add add-on and select Xero Practice Manager from the drop-down list.

    A window will pop-up to authorise access, select the account to allow Connectworks to access your data. Click Authorise.

    Once you have successfully added Xero Practice Manager into Connectworks we recommend you log out and then log back into Connectworks. This ensures the option for importing a trust option is available in Connectworks.

    Once you've connected the integration you'll be able to import trust profiles directly into Connectworks, as well as connect existing clients in Connectworks to their XPM counterparts.

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