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    Document signing for non-professional users

    This article will guide you through the process of signing documents which have been sent to you via Connectworks.  


    1.Email notification

    2.Login or Register

    3.Accessing Documents

    4.Approve & sign, or Refuse to sign

    5.Methods of signing

    Email notification

    When there is a document your professional advisor requires you to sign, you will receive an email from noreply@connectworksmail.com containing a link. It will look similar to the email pictured below:

    If the firm has sent you a link to sign without a login then clicking the link will lead you to directly access and sign the document. Simply follow the link and work through the prompts to complete the digital signing process. 

    Login or Register

    If your professional advisor would like you to create a Connectworks account and then sign the document, the link emailed to you will lead you to a registration page. Please refer to Account creation to guide you through the registration process.

    If you already have a Connectworks account you will be directed to log in. There is a password reset option if you cannot recall your login.

    After creating your account and logging in you will find the document in the Needs signing or approval section of your personal dashboard. 

    Accessing documents

    When accessing the document without a login once you have clicked the link in the email the document will appear in a new browser tab. 

    If you have a login to Connectworks or have just created one, the document awaiting your signature will appear on your dashboard under the Needs signing or approval section pictured below. Just click the document title to access it.

    Approve & Sign, or Refuse to sign

    After reviewing the document you may select to either "Approve and sign" or "Refuse to sign" the document, using the options in the top right corner.


    Methods of signing

    Once you select the Approve and sign option, Connectworks offers three ways to sign documents;

    1. Draw your signature

    2. Use the default signature

    3. Upload a scanned copy of the signed document.

    Select your signing option and click Next.

    You will then be prompted to complete declare that you have fully read the document and consent to being bound by the contents of that document. If this statement is accurate, tick the declaration and select next (you may decide to select the "Refuse to sign" option at this stage).

    After confirming the declaration you will be directed to the signing page, where you can choose your signing method from the three options mentioned above. Complete with the method of your choice and select Next.

    You will be prompted to complete a final declaration and enter your password to confirm signing and click Sign the document.

    If your professional advisor has stipulated it, there may be an additional section requiring a witness complete their details and sign the document also.

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