Setting up Companies

Setting up your Companies

There are several ways to set up profiles for companies in Connectworks.

The quickest way to set up companies (or corporate trustee companies) is by importing the information held by the Companies Office, either individually or by using our bulk import service. This will automatically bring in the following:

  • company name

  • company number

  • NZBN

  • registered office address

  • incorporation date

  • annual return filing date

  • the registered shareholding*

  • the publicly available information for all the company directors (active and historic) and all active shareholders.

  • all the Companies Office documents are made available to be downloaded as .pdfs

*The share register information imported from the Companies Office reflects the shareholdings as they are registered at the time of import and are not deemed a compliant share register.

  1. Importing an individual company from the Companies Office

    1. Registered office responsibility

  2. Corporate trustee companies

  3. APS / XPM and Companies

Importing an individual company from the Companies Office

Navigate to your firm's Clients tab.

In Clients, All select the "I would like to..." menu at the top right of the page and then "Add a new entity". In Clients, Companies the option is "Add a Company"

1. Search or Create

Import from another system

Here you can search the registry of the Companies Office by typing in the company name.


When the company appears in the list, click the ‘Select’ button.

2. Management

In the Management section, you can do the following

  • Update Name (override from import)

  • Set the Registered office responsibility (see below)

  • Set Partner, Manager or Business Unit

  • Matter/client reference and Annual review date

Registered office responsibility

If you intend on using the Annual Returns Workflow it is essential to complete the filing responsibility for a company at the time of import, this ensures that the company appears in the correct filter in the annual return section of Connectworks.

3. Subscription

Select the appropriate plan, depending on the entity that is added are the plans available.

To activate the plan immediately (if using the Annual Return or AML Workflows immediately), select the tick box Apply plan immediately (no loading grace).

Select +Add or +Add and edit to complete adding the entity into Connectworks.

Corporate trustee companies

In the Add company form, ignore the subscription plan and instead select the tick box "OR, this company is a corporate trustee for one or more trust clients". This is a free subscription if the company will be linked to one or more trusts on a paid subscription plan in Connectworks.

APS / XPM and Companies

Do not import Companies from either APS or XPM into Connectworks, you are just creating additional work for yourself. Importing the Company from the Companies Office, and linking the Company to the Practice Management system will allow you to sync information between the systems.

After setting up the add-on for APS or XPM, edit the profile of the Company. Click Practice Management and select 'Connect now'.

After clicking on 'Connect now', Connectworks will search your Practice Management system for the client, in this example, we are linking Status Electrical Limited to XPM.

Select Link, as above in the screenshot to link the Company in Connectworks to the Company profile information in XPM. Once connected, Connectworks will show the following.

Close the page and return to Clients All. The following article will guide you through the syncing process.