Creating, Editing and Removing staff profiles

How to create and amend Connectworks profiles for your staff members

This article outlines the process for creating, editing and removing Connectworks profiles for your staff. Note that creating a profile for a staff member does not automatically allow that person to access or use Connectworks. For your staff to access Connectworks you can either select to invite them to join your Connectworks account while creating their profile or else create their profile and then subsequently invite them to join your account.

  1. Creating staff profiles

  2. Inviting staff to use Connectworks

  3. Editing staff profiles

  4. Removing staff profiles

Creating staff profiles

You can create profiles for your staff members using the Add Person button in the top right corner of the Admin tab of your Firm Workspace.

This allows you to add their name and email address and set their firm management and client management roles and access rights.

You can also record them as a partner or manager of your firm, enabling your firm's clients to be assigned to the partner or manager responsible for their oversight.

After you click Create, the person will be listed in your Admin tab's People & Employees section.

Inviting staff to use Connectworks

You can invite your staff to access your Connectworks account either while creating their profile or after you have created their profile, by clicking the Invite button next to their name in the admin tab People & Employees list.

The person will receive an email containing a link to accept the invitation and create their Connectworks password.

After you have sent an invitation, it is possible to retract the invitation before it is accepted by using the rescind button.

Once the invitation has been accepted, the staff member will appear in the People & Employees list without an Invite or Rescind button.

Editing staff profiles

You can edit your staff members’ profiles in the People & Employees section of your firm’s Admin tab.

Note that where a staff member has accepted an invitation to access Connectworks, the ability to edit their name is only available to that person. Your staff members can edit their profiles in their Personal Workspace.

Removing staff profiles

To remove a staff member's ability to access Connectworks, you should first remove (or replace) them as Managers or Partners of any clients to which they are assigned. To do this:

Assigning Client Manager and Partner tags

After reassigning the staff member's clients list, remove their firm and client management access rights by editing their profile in the firm Admin>People & Employees tab.

In the business roles section of the staff members edit profile form apply the following:

  • Change Role/Access to No access

  • Remove them from any business units

  • Change Client management to Does not manage clients

  • Retire or remove them from any partnership or directorship of your firm

If the staff member has made changes within Connectworks, they cannot be removed, only set to 'no access'. This ensures the historical changes made by the person are retained for record-keeping.