Creating Profiles for Directors and Other Associated Parties

Creating Profiles for Directors and Other Associated Parties 

This article will outline the process of adding people (or other entities) to Client profiles and assigning their roles to those entities. This creates a new contact profile, which can appear in your contacts list. If the contact already exists as part of another entity you manage, you will be prompted to search for them first to prevent creating duplicate profiles.

The process for adding shareholders is different. See our articles: Issuing Shares or Transferring Shares.


1. Quick edit to add associated parties

2. Adding associations to Company Profiles

Quick edit to add associated parties

This feature allows users to add associated party relationships to entities via the quick edit link in the main Client gallery. This includes adding parties to entities subscribed on the AML-only plan and non-client entities recorded in your firm's Contacts list (due to being shareholders of your client companies).

To add associated parties to any entity type using quick edit:

1. Locate the profile in your firm's Clients tab

2. Hover over the profile and then choose edit

3. Navigate to the Associated Parties tab of the edit form.

4. Select Add party.


5. Search for the person (or entity) you would like to add as an associate. If they appear in the list below add them to the profile.


6. If they don't appear, select "Manually create a new party" to create a new contact profile.

Adding associations to Company Profiles

  1. Within the company profile, navigate to the Admin tab.

    1. To add a person - Select the Add Person button on the top right-hand side of the People & Employees page.

    2. To add a company - if the company is a shareholder, it is recommended you follow the process of Changing Parties in a Share Allocation

  2. For existing relationships, search for the party in the firm's contacts, if they appear, click Select.

  3. Manually create a new party, If the person or entity does not have a profile in the firm, select the 'Add new instead' option.

    1. Confirm or update the General details and select next,

    2. Confirm the Access rights (custom)

  4. Select 'Add' if you are adding a person with no additional roles. 

  5. Select 'Add and edit' this will allow you to update the person's roles within the Company.
  6. Once all details have been added to the form, select Update and Close to add the party to the company.