Retiring, resigning, or removing a director

Retiring, resigning, or removing a director

When a director resigns or is removed from a company, you can record this by editing the director's relationship with the company. After resigning the director their profile will still remain within the company-associated parties list to record the historic directorship. They should only be removed if the profile has been added in error.

Retiring a director

1. In the company's workspace navigate to the People and Employees section of the company's Admin tab

2. Move the mouse onto the director whose relationship you wish to change, and click on edit.


3. In the form that opens, navigate down to the Roles section, and select Remove as Director.

4. Put in the last date at which the person is to be recorded as a director (i.e. the day before which the removal becomes effective), and click Update.


NOTE: The Director will remain active for the calendar day, and updated to a historical director at midnight.

If the directorship role was added in error, you can remove the directorship record completely by leaving the date field blank and selecting the I made a mistake, remove it from the history tick box below instead.

From the date the removal becomes effective, the person will no longer be recorded as a director. After removing them, the dates on which the person held the directorship will be recorded in their profile.


To maintain an accurate historical record of the company's directorship do not delete this contact, but if they have been invited into Connectworks you may be required to remove their access to the company.

Removing client access

If the client has also been given access to the entity workspace on a collaborative subscription plan, you should also remove their access rights to the entity. To do this:

  1. Access the edit form for the associated party

  2. Navigate to the Access section of the edit form and select No access from the drop-down menu.


NB. After retiring a director and removing access, the individual will be removed from the default list of people & employees but will be retained as a historical association that can be reviewed using the "No Access" filter in the admin tab.