Transferring Shares

Transferring shares in Connectworks

This article explains how to transfer shares to new or existing shareholders. A transfer is when a shareholder sells (or is required to transfer) shares to another shareholder.

1. To begin issuing shares navigate to the company's workspace, then to the Shareholders / Share Register / Shareholding tab.

2. Highlight the allocation (do not click), on the right-hand side, select 'transfer from'.

By selecting this option, the share parcel is automatically selected in the Share transfer form.

3. In the Transfer shares form complete the details:

  • Date of transfer

  • Seller of shares - select from the drop-down menu.

  • Class of shares
    NB. if the desired share class does not appear you will need to create a new class of shares. Exit out of the form and select "Create a new class of shares" from the "I would like to..." menu

  • Buyer of shares

    To transfer additional shares to an existing shareholder/allocation simply select the relevant party from the dropdown menu

    To create a new shareholding select + Add.

Who receives payments - select if the share allocation is held by Shareholders, A trust or Other arrangement. If the allocation is held by a trust we recommend you update the Descriptive name with the name of the Trust.

Search or create a new party, multiple individuals can be assigned to a single share allocation in this form by simply continuing to search & add parties to the allocation.


Click the Next step, to add contact details, Appointment and Additional information. Then select Add, this will return you to the Transfer Shares page.

  • Share price & quantity
    In this section, you can select from three different methods of calculating the share value & quantity of shares being purchased.

    • The price per share & number of shares issued will calculate the total value of the issue.

    • The price per share & total value of the issue will calculate the number of shares being issued.

    • The number of shares issued & total value of the issue will calculate the price per share.

  • Transaction Status (Trial, Pending or Posted)

    • Pending and trial transactions can be created prior to posting to the share register

  • Other information (Supporting comments)

4. Select Create in the top corner to complete the share transfer and exit the form, or Create and add another to continue transferring shares to other parties.

After the share transfer has been saved, the transaction will be recorded in the transactions tab and the allocations will be updated. Here you will have the ability to Generate Share Transaction Documents for signing