Repurchasing (Buying back) Shares

Repurchasing (Buying back) Shares

This article explains how to buy back shares. A buyback is when a company purchases shares back from other shareholders. These shares will be held as treasury stock unless cancelled. Shares that have been bought back and retained as treasury stock can be re-issued at a later date.

1. To begin a buyback of shares, navigate to the company's workspace, and then to the Shareholders tab.

2. Select "I would like to..." then "Buyback shares"

3. In the Buyback shares form complete the details:

  • Date of buyback

  • Buying back from - select from the drop-down menu.

  • Class of shares

    • Select the tick-box "Cancel shares on buyback" if the shares are not to be held as treasury stock, but rather removed completely.

  • Share price & quantity
    In this section, you can select from three different methods of calculating the share value & quantity of shares being purchased.

    • The price per share & number of shares issued will calculate the total value of the issue.

    • The price per share & total value of the issue will calculate the number of shares being issued.

    • The number of shares issued & the total value of the issue will calculate the price per share.

4. Select Create in the top corner to complete the share buyback and exit the form, or Create and add another to continue transferring shares to other parties.