Set up status tags

Track the progress of loading clients from creation to completion

Set up status tags enable firms to track the progress of loading a client profile from creation to completion. Applying a setup status creates a flag in the client's list, which can also be applied as a filter to easily identify profiles that may be incomplete or ready for management to review. Additional notes can also be entered against the setup status, which will appear on the main dashboard of the entity's workspace.

The available tags and suggested purpose for use are:

  • Preparing - a newly loaded/incomplete profile requiring documents to be uploaded and other key information to be entered (such as associated parties or historical share registers).

  • Review - the profile has been completed and is ready for a manager to check.

  • Alert - essential information is missing, such as a trust deed variation.

  • Attention - important information for staff to be aware of when dealing with this client.

  • Retired - The entity is no longer active and requires follow-up and archiving.

  • Setup Complete - The status flag is removed (default setting)

Where to apply a setup status tag:

You can apply a setup status tag via an entities Edit>Client Administration>Update form.


Or you can update on the Profile page, Client admin under Lifecycle.