How to interpret biometric check results

Interpreting returned results for biometric checks

The results returned for biometric checks can vary for a number of reasons, including being matched to a watch list. If you believe the results should be showing as verified, we offer the ability to override these if needed.

The overall verification status can be either VERIFIED, PENDING or FAILED.

  • VERIFIED - The individual was verified according to the requirements of the chosen verification type.
  • PENDING - The individual is close to being verified but the PDF report needs to be reviewed to determine whether further steps are needed to satisfy the relevant requirements.
  • FAILED - The individual could not be verified as not all of the requirements of the chosen verification type were met.

Note: Verification status can be FAILED when “ID Document details confirmed with the issuer” = Data not available.

Please note that the “overall verification status = VERIFIED” is labelled on the gallery card as:

  • Identity verified for BioVerify + SmartID full identity verification.

  • Identity matching for BioVerify real-time biometric verification

How do I override a false positive PEP or Sanction result?

  • Users are able to override the result for a false positive PEP by editing the individual > identity information > clicking on the 3 cogs on the gallery card > select ‘details’ > “Override Result.” In the following pop-up form, you are able to record why the result has been overridden.