Issuing and Managing Treasury Stock

Issuing and Managing Treasury Stock in Connectworks

This article explains how to issue and manage treasury stock.

Issuing Treasury Stock

If company articles allow, it may be possible to issue stock as treasury stock held by the company.

1. To issue treasury stock within the Company, navigate to the Shareholders tab>Share Register>Overview.

2. Select "I would like to..." then "Issue treasury stock"

3. In the Issue treasury stock form complete the details:

  • Date of issue

  • Class of shares

  • Shares to issue

  • Transaction Status

  • Other information (Supporting comments)

4. Select Create in the top corner to complete the issue of treasury stock and exit the form.

Managing Treasury Stock

Treasury stock shares in a company that have been issued but are held by the company itself. In Connectworks the total amount of treasury stock a company has is displayed on the Shareholders>Overview dashboard. Such shares carry no voting rights.

Treasury stock can be acquired via a buyback. Learn more about buybacks in our article here.

Treasury stock can be reissued to new or existing shareholders. You can learn more about issuing shares here.