Non-responsive clients: Resending annual return verification extract

Step 6 - The annual return workflow

For details on how to send Companies' office extracts to clients before filing the annual return for their company, please refer to Send annual return extract to clients for verification.

In some cases, the client does not reply to the extract in time, or the extract is sent to an incorrect email address. This article outlines the process of resending the Companies Office extract to clients to a valid email address. If you receive an email from the support team advising the email bounced, see the Bounce email notification (Annual Returns) process.


Follow up methods

There are three options for following up with your clients who have not verified their annual return extract. These are:

  1. Send extract through workflow
  2. Send extract through email

  3. Link to extract

Send extract through workflow

This method is best as the initial place for sending clients a reminder to complete, typically in the middle of the month. 

Select the Company where the workflow is "2 - Awaiting response', and click redo.  

This will resend the extract to the client, including the person BCCing the staff member that sent the original extract. 

Send extract through email

This method is best for sending reminders to unresponsive clients, as the original extract is sent from, which the client may be unfamiliar with and therefore may have ignored.

You can forward the client the company extract that you received from Bcc when you started the workflow.

Link to extract

You can also obtain the link to the extract and fill it out on behalf of the client or send it in a separate email. Click on Companies Office Extract (responses) under the Prepare company extract section of the company's workflow (as shown in the above screenshot). This will lead you to the Company's extract, you can either fill it out on the client's behalf or copy the URL and send it to your client in a separate email.