Overdue Annual Returns and Retrieving the last known filing date

Updating the last known filing date in Connectworks

Before getting started with a new month's filing, it is good practice to check that all the companies due for filing the month prior have been completed. Occasionally companies do not show an accurate last filing date, which can cause a company to incorrectly appear as overdue for filing.

To view overdue returns add the following filters to your Annual Return workflow:

  • Files Return

  • Last month - or you can select "any month", or specify a particular month.

  • Overdue

You can quickly check whether a company showing as overdue has been filed by selecting the “retrieve last filing” button available to the right of the company in the workflow (see screenshot below). This will pull the most recent filing date recorded at the Companies Office, and the workflow status will update accordingly.

The Company is updated with the last known filing date and removed from the Overdue list.