Directors Interests Register

Maintaining a Directors Interests Register in Connectworks

The Companies Act 1993 requires the directors of a company to disclose any interests they have that will or may affect their ability to act in the best interests of the Company in a transaction.

We have supporting precedents & workflows to help firms meet these requirements, as listed below. For more information on how to use these see our article Using Connectworks Precedents.

Please note that Connectworks cannot provide specific advice or wording for entries outside these supplied precedents.

Director's interests are covered by the following sections of the Companies Act 1993:

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Maintaining an Interests Register

You can locate the directors' interests register by accessing a Company Workspace, and then navigating to the Directors>Interests tab, pictured below.

Default registers

When you import or manually set up a company in Connectworks we automatically create the following registers in the Directors Interests section:

  • Directors Benefits

  • General Disclosures

  • Indemnities

  • Specific Disclosures

  • Use of information

You can manually set up other types of registers and create new register entries, as well as download reports, using the "I would like to..." button in the top right corner.

Adding a register entry

Before you add a new register entry, first ensure that the correct register type is selected in the left column.

The available options to create your register entry and subsequent slide-out form will be tailored specifically for the type of register you are creating.

For example, the options for adding a beneficial interest, disclosure or authorisation will only be available if the Indemnities register has been selected first, as per the screenshot below.


Complete the necessary information on the register entry form and then select Create to save it.


Existing register entries can be quickly reviewed, edited or deleted by selecting the tick box and then selecting the required action using the Cogs menu.