Retiring a trustee or beneficiary

How to retire associated parties from a trust

This article describes how to retire a trustee or beneficiary from a trust, as well as how to remove access for any associated parties who have been invited into the trust's workspace.

Retiring the role

1. Open the Trust and click on Parties.

2. To the right of the name of the trustee you will be retiring select edit.

3. Click on the Roles tab of the edit form and place a tick on Remove as Trustee or Remove as Beneficiary

4. Select the Date of removal and click "Update".

In this example, the trustee retirement date is 31 March 2022

Removing Access

Next, if the associated party has been invited to access the trust profile but no longer requires/should have access to the trust:

1. Navigate to the Access tab of the Update association form.

2. Click on the drop-down menu and select No access.

3. Click "Update and Close".


NB. After retiring a trustee/beneficiary and removing access, the individual will be removed from the default list of associated parties but will be retained as a historical association that can be reviewed using the No Access filter in the Parties tab. The retired party's role/s & dates will now show in the slide-out panel when selected.