Setting an Entitlement (Sui Juris) Date

Setting an Entitlement (Sui Juris) Date in Connectworks

Adding a beneficiary

If the beneficiary is not already recorded in the Trusts Parties tab, you will need to add the beneficiary. The entitlement / sui juris date can be set during this process. Please see our article Adding Associated Parties to a Trust.

Editing a beneficiary to set their entitlement date

1. Enter the Trust Parties tab.

2. Place a tick on a beneficiary profile, click the "..." in the slide-out summary and select Edit.

3. Select the Roles tab of the edit form to set the Entitlement Date.


4. Once the changes have been made, click Update.

Note: Further notes on the beneficiaries' entitlements can be added under General Details in the Notes & Comments section.