Generating a Share Transfer Form

Generating a Share Transfer Form

It is possible to auto-generate a share transfer form in Connectworks. The transfer must be preemptively recorded in the company's Shareholders section in order to generate the form. The transfer can be future-dated as required.

It is possible to auto-generate one or more similar share transactions-related precedents and have them automatically populate the data from those transactions.

The following documents are available within Generate Documents based on the share transfer.

Transfer (sale) of shares between two shareholdings.

  • Form84

  • Res84

To see how to create a share transfer, follow the articles for Issuing and Transfer shares here

After recording the share transfer, the form to authorise the transfer can easily be generated. To do this:

1. Navigate to the Company workspace>Shareholders tab>Transactions tab

2. Select the tick box of the relevant share transfer.

3. In the "..." menu select Transfer Form

4. The form will then be downloaded to your computer hard drive in PDF format.

After checking its accuracy it can be uploaded to Connectworks and distributed to the parties for signing.


It is important to note that if the transfer is not completed, the pre-saved transaction must be removed from the profile.