Generate Share Transaction Documents

Generating all Resolutions, Notices and Minutes relating to Share transactions

It is possible to auto-generate one or more similar share transactions-related precedents and have them automatically populate the data from those transactions.

The following documents are available within Generate Documents based on the share transaction.

Issue of shares

  • Res107.2

  • SRes107.2

  • Min107.2

  • SRes117.3

  • SRes44.1

Transfer (sale) of shares between two shareholdings.

  • Form84

  • Res84

Split of shares

  • Res48.2

  • Not48.2

  • Min48.2

Consolidation of shares

  • Res48.1

  • Not48.1

  • Min48.1

Generating Documents

After recording the share transaction, the documents that apply to the selected transaction type can easily be generated.

To do this:

1. Navigate to the Transactions tab

2. Select the tick box of the relevant share transaction.

3. In the "..." menu select Generate documents

Generation of single documents

You may download a (non-editable) PDF version or a Word version of each precedent.

Generation and attachment of multiple documents

You may also select any number of precedents and Generate and attach. This will result in a single document being created for each selected precedent and those documents being attached to each of the selected transactions.


The documents attached to the transaction are in (non-edited) PDF format.