Removing Clients and Cancelling Subscriptions

Removing Clients and Cancelling Subscriptions

If you no longer need the services of Connectworks for one of your clients, you have the option to either archive or discard the client. Discarding the client will cancel your paid subscription and delete all documents and data associated with that client. Archiving, on the other hand, will safely store all the documents and data so you can access them at a future time.

Archive Clients

Archiving clients is the best option when you want to keep all the data surrounding your client in one place. We offer a lifetime archive subscription for just $75 + GST. You can activate this plan from the change plan menu. This plan will activate immediately and any remaining time on the current paid subscription will be credited towards the price of the subscription plan.


Should the time arise when you need to access the data of an archived client, just change the plan back to the appropriate paid subscription plan and all your data will be available to you.

Discard Clients

If you decide that you no longer need to hold onto all the documents, identity information, client history, or any other data associated with the client, you may delete the client. You may choose to download the documents before you discard the client. Discarding will also cancel any paid subscription associated with the client. There will be no refund or credit given for any unused time on the subscription. You have until the day the subscription is due to end to restore the client, in case you discarded the client by accident.