How to connect existing clients in Connectworks to APS or XPM

Connecting existing clients in Connectworks to your Practice Management

If you have a client profile set up in both Connectworks and either APS or XPM, it is easy to connect both records to enable synchronising information between the two systems.

First, you must ensure you have activated the APS Add-on or XPM Add-on

1. In Connectworks navigate to the Clients Tab and locate the client profile to be connected with XPM.

2. Select edit to access the client's edit form.

3. Select the Practice Management tab and then the Connect Now button.


4. By default, the search function will look for the name of the client as it is recorded in Connectworks.

After clicking on 'Connect now', Connectworks will search your Practice Management system for the client, in this example, we are linking Status Electrical Limited to XPM.


Select Link, as above in the screenshot to link the Company in Connectworks to the Company profile information in XPM. Once connected, Connectworks will show the following.


Close the page and return to Clients All. The following article will guide you through the syncing process.