Linking to Companies Office (RealMe)

To be able to file an annual return for a company you need to be an authorised agent for the company and have a direct debit enabled with the Companies Office. They will invoice you separately for the Annual Return filing fee.

For more information on getting set up at the Companies Office and RealMe please see:

Before you can begin to file the annual return you need to connect the RealMe login which has authority to file for the company in Connectworks.

Log into Connectworks and stay on your personal profile page. Under the heading, 'Manage your profile' select the arrow and then 'NZ Companies Office connection'.


Click 'NZ Companies Office connection', this will open your profile page to 'Connections to other systems'. Click on 'Connect to Companies Office. A new window will pop up from Companies Office to allow you to enter in your RealMe credentials.

NOTE: Pop-ups might be blocked for Connectworks and you will receive the following error in the web address bar at the top. 

Click on the icon, and select 'Always allow pop-ups from' and click finished.

Once you have click finished, you need to refresh the page to get the login page for Companies Office to appear. Click Reload.

Once the page has reloaded, click on 'Link to Companies Office', now the popup window for Companies Office will load.

Enter in your RealMe credentials and click login. The following dialogue window will appear. Click on Approve.

Now that you have successfully connected RealMe to Connectworks, will now have the ability to e-file the annual return for companies you have the authorization to file.

If the connection is successful with RealMe your Connectworks profile will update with the option 'Un-link from Companies Office'. This will store your RealMe credentials in Connectworks for approximately 6 months so you won’t need to do this every time.