Storing & accessing documents

1. Document repositories

2. Uploading documents

3. Bulk uploading documents

4. Editing document details

5. Downloading documents

6. Filtering documents by signing status


Document repositories

Within a Company Workspace there are two repositories for a company’s documents: in the Directors tab, and in the Shareholders tab. As their locations suggest, you should store documents relating to directors and director decisions in the Directors repository, and documents relating to shares and shareholdings in the Shareholders directory.



Uploading documents

You can upload documents into a document repository by clicking the I would like to… menu.

You can then search for or drag and drop the document into the uploading screen, and record the name, type, signing date, and other details for the document.


Bulk uploading documents

You can upload multiple documents simultaneously by selecting the Bulk upload documents option in the  I would like to… menu.

Note that when uploading documents in bulk, only a single document category can be selected. The document file names also cannot be changed in the uploading process, meaning the documents will be titled according to the files being uploaded. If required, you can edit these details once the document is uploaded.


Editing document details

To edit the details for a document (such as document name, adding category tags, additional notes, or setting confidentiality status) simply navigate to the documents list.

1. Select the tick box of the desired document.

2. Click on the Cogs.

3. Click on edit.



Downloading documents

To download a document, simply navigate to the documents list, select the tick box of the document, click on the Cogs, and click on download.