Storing & Accessing Documents


1. Document repositories

2. Uploading documents

3. Bulk uploading documents

4. Editing document details

5. Downloading documents

6. Filtering documents by signing status


Document repositories

The Documents tab is the repository for all the trust’s documents. 



Uploading documents

You can upload documents into the document repository by clicking the 'I would like to…' dropdown.


You can then search for or drag and drop the document into the uploading screen, and record the name, type, signing date, apply document category tags and add other details for the document.


Please note: Documents cannot be dragged directly from an email attachment, to successfully upload a document it must first be saved to your computers hard drive.


Bulk uploading documents

You can upload multiple documents simultaneously by selecting the 'I would like to...' drop down menu then select 'Bulk upload documents' option. You can bulk upload a maximum of 10 documents a time.


Note: When uploading documents in bulk, only a single document category tag can be selected. The document file names also cannot be changed in the bulk uploading process. If required, you can edit these details after the document is uploaded by selecting "edit" in the cogs menu.



Editing document details

To edit the details for a document (to perform actions such as changing the name of a document, adding notes or applying category tags) simply select the tick box of the document, click on the Cogs, and click on 'edit'.

Downloading documents

To download a document simply select the tick box of the document, click on the Cogs, and click on 'download'.

Filtering documents by signing status

Documents can be filtered by signing status, to easily see documents you’re waiting on to be signed simply apply the "Awaiting signing" filter, nested under "Signing status" in the left column.