Three Ways of Setting Up Companies

There are three ways to set up profiles for companies or corporate trustee companies in Connectworks:

1. Importing companies from the Companies Office

2. Setting up companies manually

3. Bulk importing companies


Importing companies from the Companies Office

The quickest and easiest way to set up your companies (or corporate trustee companies) is by importing the company information held by the Companies Office. This will automatically bring in the following:

  • company name
  • company number
  • NZBN
  • registered office address
  • incorporation date 
  • annual return filing date
  • the registered shareholding* 
  • the publicly-available information for all the company directors
  • all the Companies Office documents made available to be downloaded as .pdfs

To import a company:

1. Navigate to your firm's Clients>Companies tabs

2. Select the "I would like to..." menu

3. Select import a company from Companies Office (NZ)

OR import a corporate trustee from Companies Office (NZ) 

You can then use the search bar to find the company you wish to import by typing in the company name, company number, or NZBN. Click the ‘Import’ button, and the company will be set up.


Once imported, you can find the company in your Clients>Companies list by:

  • Using the search bar 
  • Filter by the ‘Loading’ status, nested under 'grouping' just below the search bar
  • Filter by letter of the alphabet at the top of the companies list

*Please note the share register information imported from the Companies Office reflects the shareholdings as they are registered at the time of import and is not deemed a compliant share register.


Setting up companies manually

You can also manually set up companies, by selecting the "I would like to…" menu, and clicking Create a new company. This allows you to manually input the compliance and contact information shown on the company’s workspace. Generally, this option is only used to set up international companies that cannot be imported from the companies office.


Bulk importing companies

If you have a large number of companies you want to set up but don’t want to spend the time creating them one by one, take a look at our article on our bulk import service and get in touch with us!