Importing Companies from the NZ Companies Office

The quickest and easiest way to set up your companies is by importing the company information held by the Companies Office.

This will automatically bring in the company profile (company name and number, NZBN, registered office address, and incorporation and filing dates), the registered shareholding, the publicly-available information for all the company directors, and all company documents that are downloadable from the Companies Office website.

Companies can be imported in the Companies section of your firm’s Clients tab:



You can then use the search-bar to find the company you wish to import by typing in the company name, company number, or NZBN.



Click the ‘Import’ button, and the company will be set up. Once imported, you can find the setup company using the ‘Loading’ status filter, searching for it alphabetically, or by typing its name into the company search-bar.



When you’ve found it, simply click on the name of the company and you’ll be taken to its workspace. You’re good to go from there!




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