Discarding Clients (and re-activating discarded Clients)


This article describes the process for discarding (deleting) Clients from Connectworks.

Note that if a client is still in its 30-day free loading phase discarding it will remove the Client from Connectworks entirely.

When a Client has an active subscription prior to being discarded it can be reactivated at a later date. Discarded Clients still within the period of their most recent subscription can have their subscriptions restored with no additional cost, whereas clients discarded outside their subscription periods can be re-activated with a new subscription.


1. Discarding a Client

2. The Discarded filter

3. Re-activating a discarded Client


Discarding a Client

Clients can only be discarded by users with the correct permissions. (See our article on user permissions here.)

Before discarding a Client, please remove it from any active CDD workflows.

To discard a Client, simply select it in the Clients tab, click on the cogs, and click Discard.

Note that if the discard option is greyed out, you do not have the correct user permissions to discard Clients.



The Discarded filter

Discarded Client profiles can be viewed in the discarded filter, contained in the Advanced section of the Contacts sub-tab (see the screenshot below).


Re-activating a discarded Client

Discarded Clients still within their paid subscription period (still within the 12 month period of its most recent subscription) can have the profile re-activated at no additional cost. Simply select the Client you wish to reactivate from the discarded filter, click the cogs, and select restore subscription:


To restore a discarded Client more than 12 months after its most recent subscription, the discarded Client must first be turned into a contact, and then into a client. See the screenshot below.

Select the Client in the discarded folder, click the cogs, then click make contact:


Once the Client has been turned back into a contact, it will move from the Discarded filter into the Contact filter.

To re-subscribe the Client as a client, find the Client in the Contact folder, select it, click the cogs, and select make client:


The Client will now again sit in the relevant client list within your Clients tab. Until a new subscription is activated, it will sit in the Unsubscribed filter: