Removing staff from Connectworks

This article describes how to remove a staff member's ability to access Connectworks.

Note that a user's profile can only be completely deleted from Connectworks where the person has not made any alterations to your firm or a client that will be recorded in an activity log. In all other situations their access is simply removed but the profile remains to maintain the historic record of activity at your firm.

There are two steps to removing a staff member's ability to access Connectworks: first you must remove them from any client management associations; and second, remove their firm and client management roles and access rights.



1. Removing client management associations

2. Removing Connectworks access rights


Removing client management associations

To remove a staff member's ability to access Connectworks, you should first remove (or replace) them as the Manager or Partner of any clients to which they are assigned.


In the below series of screenshots, we're going to remove John Jones, a client manager of CW & Associates. The easiest way to remove client management associations is by filtering your client lists to show just those clients the person is a manager or partner for, then selecting all the clients in the list, clicking the cogs, and clicking change partner and/or change manager.

Select the partner or client manager you want to take over responsibility for the client(s), and the first stage in removing your staff member's access is complete.



Removing access rights

Remove your staff member's firm and client management access rights by editing their profile in the People & Employees section of your Clients tab:


Edit the staff members profile as follows:

  • Change Role/Access to No access
  • Remove them from any business units
  • Change Client management to Does not manage clients
  • Retire or remove them from any partnership or directorship of your firm


The removed person will now appear under the No access filter of your People & Employees list:


You can reactivate their account by reassigning them with firm access rights, as per the last step.