Inviting directors and other associated parties into Connectworks

Anyone with a Connectworks profile can be invited to use Connectworks.

Users from professional firms can invite the people associated with their client entities (where an entity could be a trust, a company, or even an individual) to use Connectworks, to work collaboratively on the entity's governance. When a person accepts their first invitation to use Connectworks, a Personal Workspace is created for them from which they can access the Workspaces of the entities they've been invited to join.  

If you want the directors and other parties associated with your client companies to be able to access Connectworks, the first thing for you to do is therefore to create their Connectworks profiles. 

Read our article on creating director profiles.

Note that invitations to join Connectworks are sent via email. In order to be able to invite users into Connectworks, you must include their email address in the profile. 

Once you've created the profile for the person you want to invite, their name will appear in the People & Employees section of the company's Workspace with a blue 'Invite' button next to it. Click on this button and you'll be asked to confirm the email address the invitation is sent to. Click 'OK', and the invitation will be sent:



The person will now receive an email containing a link for them to finalise setting up their account.


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