Correcting an incorrect trustee or beneficiary commencement date

You may have added a trustee or beneficiary but then realised that you have not set the correct start date.

To change the start date:

  1. Navigate to the Relationship tab of the trust, select the individual by left clicking in the dialogue box. Left click and then select the edit

  2. In the edit form scroll down to Roles and Associations, to remove the individuals beneficiary and/or trustee associations. 

    Place a tick in "Remove as Beneficiary", and place a tick in "Or, I made a mistake, remove from history"

    Place a tick in "Remove as Trustee", and place a tick in "Or, I made a mistake, remove from history"

  3. Click on Save which will remove the errant trustee relationship.  The list of relationships should update and the relationship should no longer have the Trustee role.  There should also be no history of the trustee relationship just deleted.

  4. Repeat step (1) above to return to the edit form.  This time select Record as Beneficiary and/or Record as Trustee and choose the corrected date as the start date. 

  5. Click on Save to record the revised changes.
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