Correcting an incorrect trustee or beneficiary commencement date

By default Connectworks locks appointment dates so they cannot be changed later. To resolve an incorrect appointment date entered against a person you will need to un-assign and then reassign them from the role. To do this:

1. Navigate to the edit profile screen for the associated party.

2. Select the “I made a mistake, remove from history” and then select update.

3. Re-appoint role/s with the correct date.


If you’ve accidentally assigned someone to the wrong role, simply click into the edit profile screen and select the “I made a mistake, remove from history” option then select update and close.

After removing the client from an assigned role if they have no historical associations to the trust you may want to delete the person completely from the trust profile. You can then discard them using the Cogs drop down on the main list. Parties with assigned roles cannot be discarded.