When I try to approve a resolution there are no options to select?

There are two cases where a person is able to approve (or reject) a resolution:

  1. When that person is a Trustee or Director of the Trust or Company to whom the resolution is binding, or;
  2. When that person is a Director of a Company that is a Trustee of a Trust to whom the resolution is binding.

In the first instance you need to first access the Trust or Company exactly in your capacity as a Trustee or Director.  The easiest way to achieve this is to use the navigation selection list at the top left of the screen:

This lists all the Trusts and Companies where you have relationships.  Use this to navigate to the Trust or Company whose resolution you want to approve (or reject).  This means that you will be accessing that Trust or Company in that specific capacity (this comment is made in the case that you are a staff member of a firm that has a relationship with the same organisation - in this case you can access the organisation either directly in your role with that organisation or indirectly as a representative of your firm - this latter case will not allow you to approve or reject resolutions).

In the second instance you need to access the relevant Trust as a Director of the Trustee Company you are acting for.  Again you can use the selector as described above:

In this example we see that the user is both a Trustee of Williams Family Trust as well as a Director of the HGT Trustee No.2 Limited that is a Trustee of Williams Family Trust.  Selecting this option will allow the user to approve (or reject) resolution of Williams Family Trust as a representative of HGT Trustee No.2 Limited.  For them to do the same as a Trustee they must navigate to the Trust as described previously by selecting the Williams Family Trust option.

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