Add Associated Parties - A Company or Organisation (e.g Other Professional Firm)

Add Associated Parties to a Trust

Once you've logged in to Trustworks, go into the trust you wish to you wish to add a relationship to, click on Associated Parties.

NOTE: If the Trust has already being established, listed will be Trustees, Beneficiaries, Lawyers, Accountants etc.

Click on Add Association

Who is the Association with?

Company or Organisation 

E.G. A law firm or accountant acting as an advisor or A beneficiary organisation e.g. Auckland SPCA

Contact and Personal details


Email Address

Phone numbers

  • Primary phone
  • Other phone

Address for Communication

  • Street Address
  • Town or City
  • Post Code
  • Country

IRD number

  • Optional
  • but useful if there are taxable distributions from the trust 

Additional Information

Additional notes 

e.g. - Could record health issue to do with the person

       - If they are a non-resident for tax purposed and where they reside

       - Their relationship to settlors or trustees

       - Details relating to limited interest beneficiaries

Firm only notes

  • These are for your Company and will remain confidential  

Roles and Associations

Beneficiary Association 

Are they a beneficiary?

If the Answer is No, no further action is required, proceed to Trustee association

If the Answer is Yes, Date of Appointment, Beneficiary Type is required. Entitlement / Suri Juris Date will provide alerts for when the Beneficiary is able to receive distribution from the trust or estate.

Beneficiary Type

  • Discretionary
  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Final
  • Final and discretionary
  • Life / Limited Interest
  • Remainder
  • Other


Trustee Association - Recording person as a Trustee?

If the Answer is No, no further action is required, proceed to Other Associations

If the Answer is Yes, Date of Appointment needs to be entered. 

You can also make them the contact trustee which gives them them administration rights to the trust, If so place a tick in "Is the Principal Contact" box.

Other Associations - When creating a new relationship you must associate them with at least one role OR being a trustee and/or beneficiary.  

Advisory Roles - To specify a professional relationship within the trust

Access to the Trust

Access Rights - Access to the trust is dependent on the role the person has within the Trust
  • Has full access rights
  • Can view the trust records
  • Can partake in discussions
  • Can create minutes and documents
  • Can manage relationships
  • Can edit the trusts profile
Select full access or just those that should apply for the Company or Organisation
Once you have finished entering in all the information about the Company or Organisation, click Create and you will be returned to the main Associated Parties page.If you need to add more associations, click Create and add another






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