Add a bank account

Once you've logged in to Trustworks, click on the trust you wish to add a bank account to, click Assets and Liabilities.

There are two ways to add a bank account to the trust. If you have not configured any bank accounts you can simply on the "Add bank account" which is located on the bottom right of the screen.

The second way to add a bank account, left click on "I would like to ...". Under Account Management select "Add a bank account"

Add a bank account

 Account details 

  • Account Name
  • Select Account Type
    • Bank loan
    • Transaction Account
    • Credit card
    • Other Account 
  • Account Number

Bank Details

  •  Bank Name
  •  Branch Name

Additional Notes - Anything additional to help identity this account. For example "Rent income from High Street Apartment"

Opening balance (optional)?

  • Amount in $$
  • As at Date

HINT: With help to make selecting the date easier Click Here

Once you have finished entering in all the relevant information, click Create 

Accounts - Chart of Accounts


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