Uploading your firms own Precedents

Whilst Connectworks comes with presently 400 Precedents, adding your own Company's Precedents is very simple and easy. These are also only seen by people given access to Connectworks within your firm.

Once you've logged in to Connectworks, ensure that your firms name is clearly visible in the top left hand corner, click "Administration, Precedents". 

To begin, click "Add Precedent

Uploading a Precedent

To begin uploading your own precedent, I would like to..

Precedent Details


  • Title of the precedent


  • Select the category the precedent is located e.g. Accounting, Board Minutes etc. 

Usage Category

  • Sets restrictions with the documents staff can use

Template File

  • Either drag and drop your document, or browse to the location of the file.


  • Reference for the document (in the example below, reference is Cert1)


  • Using the example above description is "Clause 7(5)(c) Schedule 1 Companies Act 1993"

Notes for the first version 

  • Simply advises the evolution of the document

Once you have completed and ready to upload the file, click "Create". 

Merge Precedent

The merge template is optional when creating a precedent and only to be used when you have a version of the template that includes merge fields.

To upload a merge follow the instructions above in Uploading a Precedent

Using the merge precedent option has 2 options

For more information on Standard Merge Fields click here

For more information on Custom Merge Fields - link to come

Uploaded Successfully

Once uploaded the Document will be displayed.

On the left in Collection can see the overview of the number of Precedents by your firm and also the precedents by Connectworks. 



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