Make Distribution Example

Once you've logged in to Trustworks, click on the trust you wish to make a distribution. 

In the example below, a distribution is being made to the "Children of Simon Jones & Barbara Jones.

In the Relationships tab in Trustworks you can see the Children of Simon Jones and Barbara Jones is highlighted. The Beneficiary history is shown from 10 Jul 2010 to present.

Click Assets and Liabilities. Select "I would like to" which is located on the right of the screen. Under Other Transactions select "Make Distribution". 

Make Distribution

NOTE: The dropdown selection is linked to beneficiaries within in the Relationships of trust (as above)

To whom is the distribution being made? Select the appropriate person from the drop down.  In this example it is Children of Simon and Barbara Jones

Type of distribution?

  • Capital (asset)
  • Capital (money)
  • Income

How much is being distributed? Enter the amount being distributed

Being paid out of Select the appropriate account the funds will be paid from

Date of distribution? Select the appropriate date

Any additional details

Select Create   

Once you have completed the Make Distribution the assets and liabilities could look something like this

Transactions - Distributions


Reports - Distributions

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